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Corporate Executive Chef Brigitte O. Bledsoe

Since she was young, Corporate Executive Chef Brigitte O. Bledsoe has been surrounded by food. A Baltimore native, Bledsoe grew up with a love for classic southern dishes and everything Maryland.

“I’ve always been fascinated with cooking. My mom is a fantastic cook. She used to let me go through her recipe books and we’d buy the ingredients so I could make all of the dishes.”

Her career with Miss Shirley’s Café began in 2005 after reading an ad calling for the “Best Breakfast Chef in the World”, and she was immediately up for the challenge. While on crutches, she was able to prepare her Crab Cake and Fried Green Tomato Eggs Benedict and Coconut Cream-Stuffed French Toast, which are two of the original menu items offered when Miss Shirley’s Café first opened on Cold Spring Lane in 2005.

The creative force behind the menu, Bledsoe’s passion for fresh, seasonal ingredients and seafood are more than apparent. She continues to keep the flavors of the Chesapeake alive while creatively challenging the definition of breakfast and brunch fare. Recreating the menu twice a year, Brigitte leads all Miss Shirley’s Café locations in executing flavorful, beautifully presented food that leaves guests in awe.

“I love all seafood and the fresh flavors of the Chesapeake region. Fresh crab meat, oysters, flounder, and more. I also love the produce stands along the Eastern Shore, with Maryland Tomatoes and Silver Queen Corn. “

Having been noted by Baltimore Magazine, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, and Food Network Magazine, Bledsoe uses her love of fresh Maryland ingredients to bring a new and exciting twist to traditional brunch items. Winning guests over with creative and delicious dishes, she has helped make Miss Shirley’s Café a Baltimore landmark. 

Chef Brigitte