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If you’re looking for a fun Easter Sunday filled with family, friends and delicious food, we’ve got you covered! Easter Brunch has become a holiday tradition for families everywhere, and Miss Shirley’s is proud to be a part of this tradition for many Marylanders.

But with the rising popularity of Holiday Brunch, one has to wonder where this midday meal came from!

Brunch (a mash up of “Breakfast” and “Lunch”) is said to have originated in the 19th century, as it first appeared in print in an 1895 Hunter’s Weekly Article, entitled “Brunch: A Plea.” The British author, Guy Beringer, explained the positive influences of this new post hunt meal, stating, “Brunch is cheerful, sociable and inciting. It is talk compelling. It puts you in a good temper, it makes you satisfied with yourself and your fellow beings, it sweeps away the cobwebs of the week.”

However, brunch didn’t catch on in the United States until the 1930s as a meal championed by hotels, since most restaurants were typically closed on Sundays during this time. But, as Chef David Kamel, a professor at the Culinary Institute of America, explained, churchgoers who skipped breakfast wanted somewhere to eat with friends and family after services, so it was not long before restaurants hopped on the bandwagon as well!

Traditional brunch included classic dishes like Eggs Benedict and Bagels & Lox, washed down with signature morning cocktails such as Bloody Marys & Mimosas – staples that have remained on Miss Shirley’s Menu from the beginning!

Wherever brunch comes from, we sure are happy it exists today! Make this Easter Sunday a brunch to remember with signatures like our Blueberry Pancakes, Benne Seed Chicken ‘N Waffles, Get Your Grits On & Shirley’s Affair with Oscar.

And as a special surprise, all of our sweet dishes will be garnished with a festive Orange Marshmallow Peeps Chick this weekend! So bring your “peeps” and catch up with close friends & family over a comforting meal at Miss Shirley’s this holiday!

Happy Easter from the Miss Shirley’s Cafe Team and we look forward to serving you soon!

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