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This July, Miss Shirley's Cafe is offering all-new Pancake, French Toast & Omelet selections that are "Ooh" and "Ahh" worthy for Independence Day!

Miss Shirley's culinary team cooked up some Sweet Patriotic Treats, incorporating Summer Strawberries & Blueberries! Miss Shirley's, Roland Park is serving Red, White & Blue Pancakes, the Inner Harbor whipped up delicious Red, White & Blueberry Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast, and Annapolis is offering Patriotic Pancakes. All 3 of these specialty selections will also be garnished with an American Flag Pinwheel Toothpick, in celebration of America's Birthday!

Miss Shirley's Cafe is also featuring specialty dishes inspired by much-loved Summer Flavors, such as the Chili Dog Omelet & Pulled BBQ Chicken Stuffed French Toast at Miss Shirley's, Roland Park and Light & Fresh Cranberry Apple Multigrain Pancakes & Chicken Bruschetta Omelet at the Inner Harbor.

And in honor of Miss Shirley's 10 Year Anniversary, the Annapolis location is paying tribute to Corporate Executive Chef Brigitte Bledsoe's Signature Crab Cake & Fried Green Tomato Eggs Benedict, an original menu item, with their new Crab & Fried Green Tomato Omelet!

All 3 Miss Shirley’s Cafe locations will be offering the Pancake, French Toast & Omelet of the Month selections, listed below, throughout the month of July.

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