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Miss Shirley’s Cafe strives to be a footprint-conscious company. We pride ourselves on being able to use eco-friendly, local, organic & family owned brands and products whenever possible, and we feel that our guests should know why we use them!

This Spring, Miss Shirley’s is excited to bring a new local brand on the menu, with the addition of Organic Chocolate Milk, Honey Yogurt & Cinnamon Ice Cream from Prigel Family Creamery! Located in Glen Arm, Maryland, all of Prigel Family Creamery’s Organic Dairy Products are sourced through the family’s own Bellevale Farm, where their cows are 100% Grass Fed & Grain Free. Not only are their dairy products Organic & Sustainable, they are also delicious!

Additional items that were recently added to the menu are Tessemae’s All-Natural, Non-GMO & Preservative-Free Mild Buffalo Sauce and Baltimore Barbecue Company’s Chesapeake Style BBQ Sauce. Both sauces are handcrafted in Maryland and will be featured together on the NEW B-More Local Club with House-Made Pulled BBQ Chicken & Buffalo Shrimp Salad, coming soon!

Miss Shirley’s Cafe also uses the highest quality meats and grains! In fact, some of our team members had the opportunity to tour the local Roseda Farm in Monkton, MD, which produces the Natural Black Angus Ground Beef used on our Signature Pratt Street Cheeseburger! After touring the farm, we learned that Roseda cattle are not fed growth hormones or daily antibiotics, making their Ground Beef a natural product with no artificial coloring, flavoring or chemical preservatives.

Another family owned & operated brand used at Miss Shirley's is Logan’s Sausage Company in Virginia. They provide all of the sausages on our menu, including Andouille, Cranberry Maple Turkey Sausage, and custom Chesapeake Chicken Sausage, which they created just for Miss Shirley’s!

As far as grains go, our Signature Grits are as Southern as they come! They are stone-ground from whole grain corn with no additives or preservatives from family owned Nora Mill Granary in the North Georgia Mountains! And if you’re wondering where our delicious Multigrain, Pumpernickel, Sourdough or Sesame Seed Kaiser Rolls come from, we are proud to say that all Miss Shirley’s locations use breads from the Kosher certified, family owned & operated Baltimore Bakery, Rosendorff’s!

In addition to the organic, local & family owned brands used by Miss Shirley’s, all of the To-Go Containers & Utensils kept in the restaurants are 100% Eco-Friendly!

All Miss Shirley’s Cafe locations also use:

  • Hot & Iced Teas that come from Maryland-based Eastern Shore Tea Company. Teas are Pesticide-free and come in Eco-Friendly, tag-less, string-less & re-usable tea bags.
  • Coffee that is 100% Organic, Fair Trade & locally roasted from Rise Up Coffee Roasters in Easton, MD.
  • Bloody Mary Zinger that is Gluten Free, provides 30% of daily Vitamin C, 15% of Vitamin A & comes from the family owned Longbranch Bloody Mary Company in Illinois.
  • Deep Eddy Lemon, Grapefruit & Peach Vodkas that are handcrafted in Texas & made with premium juices, essential oils, natural sweeteners & local honey.
  • Beer Selections that come from Union Brewery, a local craft brewery in the Hampden-Woodberry neighborhood of Baltimore City.
  • Apple Sauce & Apple Juice, which are made from 100% American Grown Apples.
  • Sugar-free & regular Maple Syrups that are 100% Grade A Pure.

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