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Each May, we gather to celebrate the first woman in our lives – Mom! So, in honor of Mother’s Day, we asked an array of Miss Shirley’s team members to share a few words about why they are grateful for their mothers, and these were some of the answers.


On Mother’s Day, I am grateful for my mom because…

“…I get my cooking genes from her! She was always an amazing chef and teacher, so on Mother’s day, I love to return the favor and cook for her. Her favorite is Soft-Shell Crabs, and I my favorite way to make them is to stuff them with a homemade Crab Cake, served with a fresh Corn Relish & Arugula.”

“…she made me every good adjective I am. She has always been there for me. She has always understood me. She has always encouraged me.”

“…even though she is older now and her memory is not what it used to be, every Sunday, I am so excited to see her. She makes my heart smile.”

“…she taught me so many life lessons and core values that make me who I am today.”

“…she always told me to be the best I can be. She encouraged me to finish school, when I wanted to quit. And, I loved how she cooked when I was a kid – she inspired me to be a chef. Thank you, mom.”

“…she knows me better than anyone else. She has always pushed me to be my best, and doesn’t take any excuses!”

“…she kept a roof over my head, made sure I always had healthy food & drinks (no soda or sugar cereals in the house, well…maybe Cookie Crisp cereal every once in a while if I earned it!), provided me with clothing, took me to get school supplies, allowed me to go to camp each summer, and maintained a healthy relationship with my father, though my parents were divorced when I was a child.”

“…she is my role model. She is caring, compassionate, supportive, patient, flexible, dependable, honest, hardworking, organized, a saver (you should see that basement closet), creative, handy, appreciative, and a whole lot more.”

“…as I grow older, not only is she my mother, but my very best friend. She knows me inside and out and has taught me to be everything that I am. I love you, mom!”


For these reasons, and for so much more, the entire Miss Shirley’s Cafe team is sending a HUGE “Thank You” and “I Love You” to all of the mother figures in our lives.

Join us at Miss Shirley’s Cafe to celebrate the special women in YOUR life, by sharing a comforting Breakfast, Brunch or Lunch together this May!

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