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When was the last time you took a bite out of Miss Shirley's Signature Pratt Street Cheeseburger?

Well, did you know that our dry-aged Black Angus Beef is also local? Roseda Farm, based in Monkton, Maryland, has been supplying the beef used in Miss Shirley’s Signature recipes for close to eight years! 

Miss Shirley's Cafe Pratt Street Cheeseburger

Similar to Miss Shirley’s Cafe, Roseda is a family owned and operated business. Founded in 1996, owner Ed Burchell has kept the focus of Roseda Farm on the production of premium beef, without added hormones or antibiotics. Through the hard work of three different families, the Burchells, the Bryants, and the Ruppersbergers, Roseda Farm strives to provide the highest quality of meat in the market.

Roseda Farm at Sunset

But, what really distinguishes Roseda from other meat producers is their process – they run their operation as a farm, not a factory. Ed says, “Many modern day meat producers have shifted their focus to quantity over quality, and flavor is often sacrificed for profit.” 

At Roseda, cattle are raised the “old-fashioned” way from the very beginning. Through the use of a genetic breeding system and environmentally sustainable management system, the cattle are able to be raised entirely humanely. “It’s the same basic idea from our grandparents’ day, but using the latest information technology.” Throughout their life, all Roseda cattle graze on grass, and are fed a mixture of natural corn plants, corn kernels, alfalfa, soybean meal and hay.

Roseda Farm Grazing Cattle

Then, when it comes time to harvest, the cattle are sent to Roseda's wholly-owned harvesting plant, where the entire carcass goes through dry-aging for 14-21 days. Roseda is the only meat producer in the Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic area to dry age the entire carcass, ensuring that all cuts of the beef have the same amazing flavor.

The cuts are prepared at their wholly-owned processing plant, and then reach the consumer, through the farm’s local store & website, area grocery markets, as well as through local restaurants, like Miss Shirley’s Cafe. So, next time you stop in for Breakfast, Brunch or Lunch at Miss Shirley’s, be sure to try one of our signature dishes using Roseda’s dry-aged Black Angus Beef!


Article by Quinn Beagle

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