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Feed First Responders!

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Miss Shirley's Cafe is collecting donations to feed First Responders, including Healthcare Workers, Police Officers, Firefighters & Military Personnel. Donate Now to purchase meals for those putting their lives at risk, to serve our community during this uncertain time.

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New Pancakes, French Toast & Omelets are coming to all locations March 1st, including some festive St. Patrick's Day themed specials that are sure to get you in the spirit!

Check out all of our March 2020 Specials below!



Margherita Pancakes - Buttermilk Pancakes with Fresh Mozzarella, Diced tomato & Basil, garnished with Marinara Sauce, served with Garlic Butter

Carrot Cake Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast - Spiced Cheesecake Filling with Shredded Carrots & Raisins, garnished with Cream Cheese Icing, Cinnamon & Powdered Sugar

Corned Beef & Hash Scramble - Scramble with Corned Beef, Shredded Potato & Onion Hash Browns, Green Onion, Shredded Cabbage & Carrots, topped with Swiss Cheese



Bird's Nest Pancakes - Buttermilk Pancakes with Diced Bacon, Shredded Potato & Onion Hash Browns, topped with Sunny Side Up Egg, garnished with Powdered Sugar

Reuben Stuffed French Toast - filled with Sliced Corned Beef, Swiss Cheese & Sauerkraut, coated in Panko and fried, garnished with Russian Remoulade Sauce, served with Mixed Greens

Pulled BBQ Pork Scramble - Scramble with Pulled BBQ Pork, Pimento Cheese, Jalapeños & Pickles, garnished with Southern Coleslaw & BBQ drizzle 



Rise Up Banana Coffee Cakes - Rise Up Coffee-infused Banana Pancakes, garnished with Banana Slices, Coffee-infused Cream Cheese Icing & Powdered Sugar

Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast - Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake Filling, garnished with Fresh Raspberries, White Chocolate Chips, Raspberry Purée Plate Glaze, Whipped Cream, Cinnamon & Powdered Sugar

Taco Omelet - Seasoned Ground Beef, Refried Beans & White Cheddar Cheese, garnished with Shredded Lettuce, Pico de Gallo, Avocado Mash & Sour Cream


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