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On Wednesday, August 13, 2014, a few of our Miss Shirley’s team members took a trip to the Roseda Black Angus Farm!

At Miss Shirley’s, we are proud to be able to use local, family-owned brands and products, and we feel that it is important for our team members and guests to be educated about the products that go into our food, and more importantly, why we use them!

Roseda Farm is a small, local, family farm, which does not feed their cattle growth hormones or daily antibiotics; making their Ground Beef a natural product with no artificial coloring, flavoring, or chemical preservatives!

Yesterday, some of our team members had the opportunity to tour the farm to learn more about how they produce their high quality, tender Black Angus Beef!

We learned how cattle are selected, how they are fed and nurtured, and even had the chance to take a hayride through the farm to see the animals grazing in their pastures.

After the tour of the farm, the team had the opportunity to visit the gift shop, where Roseda sells their locally raised, dry aged beef Tuesday-Saturday. Each team member was even able to bring home a few quality cuts of meat to share with their families!

Check out some photos from Miss Shirley’s Roseda Farm visit below! And visit RosedaFarm.com to learn more about their product and farm hours.

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