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Thanksgiving has passed, marking the beginning of the Holiday Season! This year, Miss Shirley’s Café will be celebrating the winter weather with all-new Flavorful & Festive Monthly Specials.
When we think of the Holidays, one thing comes to mind – Desserts! So, Corporate Executive Chef Brigitte Bledsoe and her culinary team looked to a few of our favorite Holiday Sweet Treats; taking inspiration from Classic Cookies, Candies and Pies to Deliciously Indulgent Drinks.
Starting December 1st, all 3 Miss Shirley’s locations began offering the Holiday-Inspired Pancake, French Toast & Omelet of the Month selections, listed above, which will be available throughout the month of December. All locations will also continue to offer our Ravens Special,Wacko for Flacco Pancakes, in support of our team! 

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